Registering Your Car

Once a year you are required to have your car registration renewed. Cars under 5 years old are exempt from the “stringent” test required for older cars. You can apply 3 months before the expiry of your existing disc and we recommend you go early to mid month, as it can get busy towards the end of the month.

1. Take your car and your registration card to the Directorate Traffic in Isa Town (Opposite the Indian School).

2. As you enter the Directorate Traffic take the first right and head towards the covered inspection bays. Depending on the age of your car you will be sent to a specific bay.

3. The inspector will ask for your registration card and then fill in a few details on the inspection sheet of paper. This is the same form that is used to register your car when you took ownership but will stamped by the inspector when he has finished.

4. Upon receiving the sheet, pull out of the bay and park up.

5. Take your inspection sheet with you and, from the right hand side of the bay, go to the office down the stairs.

6. Present your registration card and sheet and the officer will then check for traffic offences (speeding fines etc.). These can be paid for with cards or cash. He must then stamp the sheet twice.

7. Before leaving, check that you have 3 stamps on the sheet, one from the vehicle inspector and 2 from the fines office.

8. Renew your car insurance and take a photocopy of insurance card immediately

9. At your local post office fill in all sections of the form and hand over your registration and insurance cards. You will be asked to fill in your address on an envelope. You will be asked for a road tax fee which is based on vehicles weight.

10. The post office will keep your fee, completed form and insurance card. They will give you a receipt for this which we advise to keep in your car until new disc arrives.

11. Your new tax disc (Registration Disc) and insurance card will be returned in the envelope you filled in within the month.